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Effective security and storm mitigation

    • Security First

      Accordion shutters and doors are one of the most effective security and storm mitigation products on the market.

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    • Solid Installation

      Permanently installed accordion shutters and doors fold flat for storage when not in use and can quickly and easily be closed and locked for security or storm mitigation.

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    • Quality Materials

      All components of the shutters and doors are manufactured from aluminum and stainless steel for long life and minimal maintenance. Available in all sizes and in a variety of earth tone colors.

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    • Saftey Inspected

      Many models of accordion shutters have passed Miami-Dade County Florida testing for high impact hurricane zones.

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    • Easy Configuration

      Accordions run on installed upper and lower tracks and can be configured to close to the left, right or to both sides of an opening.

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Accordian Shutters and Doors

Simple Solution:

Ideal for spanning large areas without the need for vertical framing members (which may obscure your view). Another feature of the accordions are their ability to be mounted with tracks which enable the shutter to operate around varied corners and angles. You are not limited to a "straight" operational path.

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944 Ahua Street, Suite 5 Honolulu, Hawaii  96819

Lic. # C-23646



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