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Deployable storm panels

    • Storm Protection

      Durable deployable storm panel that protects against water, wind, and projectile damage.

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    • Custom Installation

      All Storm panels are custom fitted to your specifications and professionally installed by our qualified installation team.

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    • Quality Materials

      All of our storm panels are made of either high quality aluminum, opaque white polypropylene or clear polycarbonate materials.

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    • Ideal Protection

      Storm panels are ideal for areas of strong incoming wind, rain, or projectile damage caused during storms.

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    • Easy Configuration

      Accordions run on installed upper and lower tracks, and can be configured to close to the left, right or to both sides of an opening.

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Storm Panels

Simple Solution:

The panels are cut and trimmed to fit custom opening sizes and shapes, then they are secured to the openings via pre-installed hardware on the face of the building.

Several different types of mounting hardware are available and will vary according to the type of storm panel being used, as well as the surface being mounted to.

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944 Ahua Street, Suite 5 Honolulu, Hawaii  96819

Lic. # C-23646



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