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Excellent security option and theft deterrent

    • Security First

      Our rolling shutter systems are built to provide superior security and act as a theft deterrent for your home or business.

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    • Solid Installation

      Permanently installed roll shutters retract for storage when not in use and can quickly and easily be closed and locked for security or storm mitigation.

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    • Quality Materials

      All components of the roll shutters are manufactured from foam, aluminum and stainless steel for long life and minimal maintenance. Available in all sizes and in a variety of colors.

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    • Saftey Inspected

      Many models of roll shutters have passed Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance saftey standards.

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    • Most Popular Design

      The Foam Filled Aluminum roll shutters are composed of a double walled aluminum slat which is filled with a polyfoam filling for heat and noise reduction.

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Roll Shutters

Simple Solution:

Security 44mm Extruded Aluminum Roll Shutter and End Retention system provides a compact roll diameter for smaller housing enclosures. When closed, the shutters create a physical barrier from high winds and intruders.

Advance Solution:

Ultimate 55mm Extruded Aluminum Roll Shutter and End Retention system features extreme strength from the 55mm reinforced extruded aluminum slats which meet Miami-Dade County specifications for Hurricane protection.

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944 Ahua Street, Suite 5 Honolulu, Hawaii  96819

Lic. # C-23646



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